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Editing includes a comprehensive grammar check, clarifying meaning, ensuring overall structural flow, and checking for consistency throughout the document to ensure a coherent and cohesive document.


Writing can entail many different forms, such as developing copy for websites, creating articles for publication, writing reports by synthesising documents and researching and rewriting texts with a different purpose, or different specifications.


Documenting involves a thorough capturing of a meeting, workshop, or professional event in a detailed report that can be used for donors or board members, to keep track of actionable items moving forward and as record of decisions made.

Trust a professional editor and writer to create copy for your brand, edit your thesis or document your board meeting and create a comprehensive report.

About me

I have a Master of Arts Degree in English from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.
I am a passionate linguaphile who favours use of the Oxford comma and enjoys the challenge of engaging with new and diverse projects.


I can help you with all your English writing, editing and reporting needs. Ask me how.